RoIP - Radio over Internet Protocol
Defined: VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol Defined: RoIP Radio over Internet Protocol Amateur Ham Radio community exploring DMR, D-Star, Yaesu's C4FM, Fusion, YSF and Wires-X. Digital and Analog communications modes with both voice and data packets. Visit our Twitter NEWS feed, Facebook Club NEWS or Website NEWS feeds. Join us on Facebook for our private group and your valid callsign is required for joining this group. Twitter does not require membership, just view our latest postings. If your a Twitter member please follow us @HamRadioShack and we will normally follow you back there. Join our growing Facebook group to dive down the rabbit hole, use our member experts for help and guidance while you expand your knowledge and skills in this exciting branch of ham radio. Use the Icons below. By the way, CQ-UK is by far one of the more popular Facebook Groups and Rooms for multi mode RoIP. 73 M7WDX https://www.M7WDX.Radio